Holy Spirit Drawings

This page is brand new because the Lord just revealed another gift he has given me that can only be done by him….drawing! lol I honestly was never really artistic but very creative. Recently in worship and prayer I would get so many beautiful images and pictures that I so desired to share with people but it was all in my mind. I would think to myself there is no way that I could draw or paint anything. However, through Still Small Voice Youtube channel , the Lord  began to speak to us all as his brides that we need to use our gifts and to bank on our inability and rely on his ability to do it through us. So we must ask simply with all our hidden gifts “Jesus do it through us”. So I want to challenge you to really dig deep in your heart and see what you would desire to do not just what you think you can do or are good at…but what would you like?? Go for it, if the desire is in your heart its most likely from Jesus and ask him to do it through you!




“A Heart Held Captive By His Love”



“Hidden Under The Shadow Of His Wings” -Psalm 91


” All It Takes Is One Drop” Ephesians 1:7  I saw this image during prayer when I asked the Lord to show me who I am without his grace. I was wretched, tattered and unwanted but Jesus wanted me and its just one drop of his blood that restores me and us all!



” A flower for the Lord, A lilly of suffering, A rose of brotherly love, A violet of humility.” A Rhema from the Lord he had me draw out  When we walk in all these virtues we become a sweet fragrance of flowers for Jesus!


“The Bride Looks Like Her Bridegroom” – I love this drawing because this is so true for all the Brides of Christ. We too shall wear a crown of scorn and contempt, have our hearts pierced with accusation and persecution. Where we would have to extend mercy and we will have to yield our sword always being prepared for battle. We look like Jesus!



“Run Desperately To The Cross”- I saw this image during prayer when the Lord showed me the world passing away and the cross of Jesus being the only thing able to save. As the Lord was closing the mercy doors to get the cross many souls were coming to it in the last hour.



My first Painting!!! The Lord spoke to me to draw his passion a few weeks ago and with the help of the holy spirit He did it through me. Its not what I pictured in my mind but by Gods grace I will get there. I wanted to peptic hi torturous suffering that is rarely mentioned. Where the Romans had Jesus sit on a spike chair which was reveled in St. Faustina’s vision in the 15 secret tortures of Jesus. He went through so much for us that we may also not give up or grow weary carrying our crosses!