Date Night With Jesus Outreach

Welcome to our outreach page where I will be updating  information about having your own Date Night With Jesus!

It was an idea that started in my mothers living room for valentines day two years ago. When many get dressed up for their significant others, new outfits, buy expensive gifts, roses, rent hotel rooms and book trips to show their love why not do all of that for the one who loves you the most, JESUS who is your husband!

Isaiah 54:5
For your Maker is your husband—
    the Lord Almighty is his name—
the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer;
    he is called the God of all the earth.

Date Night With Jesus is exactly what it states having a date night with Jesus. Many see God is a distant deity, not concerned with what’s going on in your lives, waiting for us to mess up or a harsh task masker and that is so far from the truth. Jesus desires to be your Lover, Best Friend, Counselor, Helper, Protector, Provider and Lord. He is in fact all of these things and as a bride of Christ we get the greatest grace in all of history to know Jesus in the most intimate way. As a bride why would you marry someone you don’t know? Jesus dwells in our hearts, so he is always there, ever-present, walking with you, doing life with you, He so desperately longs to be acknowledged by us it brings him so much joy! Just as it would your spouse when you come home and you conversate with them, include them in every decision because you are doing life TOGETHER. You see that’s the same desire Jesus has, he wants to do Life WITH you and be included in every decision. He desires a personal intimate relationship where he can in trust his heart and thoughts to you. We serve a God that communicates!  Jesus desires to speak to your heart about your purpose, his desires for your life, his love for you and also reveal somethings in your heart he wants you to trust him with but you wont know that if you don’t spend time with him. So why not have a date night with Jesus!

So below I have some simple pointers to have your own Date Night With Jesus

  • Dress up in your finest attire (treat him like you would a real date…in actuality He is a real date, He is alive, living in your heart and more excited about this night than you are believe me)
  • Don’t stand Jesus up (talk to him, tell him you have planned a date set aside just for you and him and encourage him to wear his best attire too lol. Seriously, you might be surprised if he opens the eyes of your heart to actually see him!)
  • Create your Location: Now you can actually go somewhere or you can create the atmosphere in your room. That’s what I did and its ever so intimate.
  • Get some candles to have a dim setting and rose petals (you can get a box from hobby lobby and just spread if over the room or space)
  • Get a play list of your favorite worship music (preferably songs that are too Jesus not about him, like love songs)
  • Pray over the song list asking the Holy spirit to play songs that he wants then press shuffle
  • Close your eyes, sit back, relax and have sweet communion with your bridegroom. Allow him to sing over you, lavish his love upon you and to open the ears and eyes of your heart to see him ❤ ( I love me some him, writing this has me reminiscing  lol)

So fast forward two years later the Lord gave me a vision for the homeless to do a date night with Jesus for them. The bride of Christ is not based on your status or class but on your heart. Many brides go through a difficult time and find themselves on the street and many have never known my sweet Jesus. Its a privilege and honor to bring Date Night With Jesus to them. If you would like to help in anyway or by providing items for us to hand out email me at!