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The journey of One brave new Yorker Erica Mbasan whom I have come to know and love who took a leap of faith forsaken all to go to Uganda to be sold out for the gospel is an amazing and inspiring story. As she deals with the many stages of our walk every believer can relate too answering the call, wilderness, testing, loneliness and spiritual warfare but, the best of all being able to overcome all the obstacles and see God move in miraculous ways as he did with the old apostles in Acts! One of the many stories shared in her former book is of a drunk man who gives his life to Jesus on the spot then witnesses his wife who is dying and unable to move instantly healed they immediately round up all the villagers to tell what Jesus had done for them. Which caused all the villagers to surrender and give their life to Jesus! Support my dear friend and her ministry. Get the book if not for yourselves for someone you want to inspire or encourage in their walk with the Lord because at the end of the day we are all MISSIONARIES just passing thru! Please support check out the website as they have books, apparel, blogs and updates. God bless you!




Still Small Voice Ministries

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This ministry has indeed transformed my life and my walk with Jesus. The Lord led me to this channel about two years ago while I was at work. I had listened to all the sermons, worship music one could’ve possibly listened too and I asked the Holy Spirit please lead me to someone speaking truth. The first time I heard her message my eyes began to tear up because I knew it was the voice of Jesus speaking! Ms. Clare Dubois is a bride of Christ and the Jesus commissioned her to do a video each day from him to his bride to prepare for the rapture and many world events to soon take place. These are direct messages fro He teaches on intimacy how to hear his voice, see him and dwell in his heart. I have learned how to not only discern the voice of he Lord from this ministry but, most importantly I have learned how to recognize Jesus and his presence with me daily. I have learned what it means to truly walk like Christ and walk in his love for all people. I am called to be an ambassador of his love we all are! So if your hungering for more of Jesus and you want to know how to hear him, see him, walk with him this is a great, great, great ministry for you to be apart of.  They also do many outreaches for the Indians in New Mexico and have a food bank for the poor I encourage you to support them financially as well. Hope it blessed you as much as it blessed me!



Blissful Kingdom

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Belivers life of Glory
KINGDOM Vision, Mission & Purpose

Our vision: To preach the kingdom message and display the virtues and perfections of Christ in the earth

Mission: transforming you with his touch

Our purpose: To raise a generation of kingdom Soldiers through the teaching and practicing of the word and faith of our Lord Jesus Christ

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